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General to the master thesis

The scope of the master’s thesis is between 70 and 100 pages, whereby these data are to be understood as guideline values, because there is no binding specification of page numbers. A basic requirement is that the MA thesis topic be classified in the current state of research. The existence of at least some scientific preparatory work, which can then be continued with your own thoughts, is very helpful in finding a viable approach. However, students should be cautious with topics that have attracted a particularly large number of publications, because this points to a topic that makes it difficult to develop one’s own thoughts. In case of doubt, it is always worthwhile to ask the supervising professor for advice, because as an experienced researcher, he can survey the state of science well and give tips and suggestions. Rather, one should not expect it, because the requirement for writing a master’s thesis lies above all in independent scientific work.

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You have to be able to critically reflect on the relevance of the question and the methods used in the introduction. Likewise, it is essential to develop a consistency-free argument throughout the work that does not deviate from the guideline. Another challenge is the theoretical profundity, which has to go far beyond the level of previously written seminar papers. Since the support of the supervisor often will not go beyond general tips, one feels in the problem case quickly left alone, in the worst case even overstrained because of the large extent of the work. The grade of the thesis, however, is far too important for the final grade to be able to submit a bad piece of work. To make your work successful, you can trust our well-versed writers. With their expertise, years of experience and reliability, they can help you professionally if you find the literature search, the theoretical part or the writing generally difficult. Our authors will do their best to help your work with individual feedback.

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Compared to previous seminar papers, a level jump must be recognizable. The classification of one’s own topic in the current state of research is a prerequisite for this. The introduction must also provide a justification for the choice of question, its relevance, and a critical reflection of the methods and theoretical premises used (for example, whether it is empirical-analytical or normative-ontological). In the main part, it is important to develop a logically consistent argumentation. At the same time, no chapter should be unrelated to the central question of the work, which, if structured in up to five possible levels, presupposes a consistently enforced stringent argumentation and a clearly identifiable central thread for the entire work. In contrast to seminar papers, the analysis of the problem must be carried out in a much more profound way, which requires a reference to subject-specific theories. But it is not enough if only known knowledge is summarized in own words. The decisive factor is to expand or shake existing theory buildings with their own approaches by subjecting them to thorough criticism.

With a few exceptions, in which professors specify the topics of the master’s thesis, one can in principle bring in own suggestions. This is also advisable to find a really exciting and interesting topic that you would like to spend several months with. Almost all university requirements are six months, which promises at first glance more time than you really have on the second. Writing 80 or 100 pages, once you have enough material, is not necessarily the main problem. Rather, the key to success lies in working swiftly through the topic in the search for a literature and in the design of the outline, rather than losing it in trivialities. In addition, the topic must be chosen immediately so that it does not have to be changed later. A good choice of topics takes into account that there are useful theoretical preparatory work, but not too many publications, so that there is enough room for your own thoughts.

Even with the appropriate choice of topic and the creation of an outline with a recognizable red thread, there may be problems. Maybe there will be some difficulties with the theoretical part, which can endanger the whole Master’s thesis in the face of limited time. So that it does not get that far, you can always rely on the help of our quality improvement services in academic writing. Our authors and academics are only used subject-specific, have a great deal of experience in writing scientific texts and respond to your wishes through individual consultation. The range of services ranges from the editing and proofreading of a finished work on literature research to the creation of text sections or even a template for the entire work, if you have lost the important thread once.

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