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In general, the experience of writing a term paper is very important for later work. The term paper should not only be a summary of well-known textbook knowledge, but is the first – albeit small – scientific work dar. Especially for practicing structured, coherent representations and their own lines of reasoning housework is very important. A logical structure and goal-oriented implementation of the question must set the red thread for the argumentation. Their quality is shown above all by a well-founded introduction and a meaningful conclusion as well as an exact proof without contradictions, from which the appropriate conclusions are drawn. Since it is not sufficient to summarize only known knowledge in the work, the recognizability of your own, even critical thoughts is very important. In the context of a small housework it therefore makes sense, not necessarily a whole theory, but to take a partial aspect to its topicality and reference to concrete topics under the magnifying glass.

Depending on the course of study and the institute, it varies greatly whether subjects for the term paper are specified by the lecturer or whether the students can choose them for their own work. The latter is certainly best for interest and motivation and it is therefore worthwhile to submit the lecturer’s own suggestion on the topic. The formal requirements are 10 to 15 pages of pure text, with the table of contents, bibliography and the appendix extra. However, 10 pages are often not enough for all important aspects of content – it is therefore recommended to write a bit more text rather than too little.

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It is problematic that many students in the upper secondary school, if at all, only have to write smaller written papers and therefore learn the scientific writing in the study only inadequate. Introductory courses in scientific writing are only of limited help because they can not replace the lack of experience. But what definitely helps are our experienced academic writers. They not only bring with them many years of expertise in writing, expertise and reliability, but also recognize typical rookie mistakes in studying – such as a lack of substantiation of the theme’s relevance in the introduction, internal argumentative contradictions, missing conclusions or wrong citation methods. Since in the end, almost all new bachelor degree courses incorporate all grades of term papers into the final grade, it is worth accepting help from our experienced graduates and authors in your homework.

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Homework is a good training for later scientific work. As a first step on the path of academic writing, they have to fulfill the formal requirements just as much as any other work. Therefore, it is important to know the techniques of citation and bibliography safely, because the verifiability of statements based on correct references is the central criterion of scientificity. Furthermore, you can do the writing of structured, coherent representations with your homework and can develop your own arguments for the first time. This is particularly important because it is not enough to summarize known knowledge, so that the recognition of your own, even critical thoughts is a big plus. Experience has shown that students in the first few semesters in particular tend to put arguments together rather than putting them into a logical arrangement. This is indispensable to be able to conclusively answer the question, which must already be clearly stated in the introduction, in the end. It would be a great flaw if no common thread were apparent in the structure and overall reasoning, and if exact conclusions are not drawn from an exact argument. Many students, who are still inexperienced in scientific writing, also make the mistake of not emphasizing in the introduction the structure of the work and the topic with regard to its meaning precisely enough.

When students are hard at writing homework, the roots of the problem often lie in school. There they learn only inadequately to write longer written work. But also the situation in many universities, where one sits in overcrowded courses for the introduction into scientific work and thus can not compensate for the lack of experience, hardly remedy. But in the end, all grades in today’s bachelor’s degree programs count from the start, so you should not allow yourself any mistakes when you do your first housework.

So that you do not pull down the grade point average with bad homework grades, you have access to our academics and authors, who have much academic expertise and experience. With their expertise they recognize weaknesses in the argumentation, inadequate introductions and correct the bibliography. If you are still very insecure and need professional help with your chores, our authors will also be happy to prepare a template for you to follow.

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