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The scholarly aspiration to write a bachelor’s thesis is also the challenge of profoundly exploring other positions and using popular theories to justify why one rejects the interpretations of certain authors and which approach one prefers instead. Ideally, you should incorporate all the skills and knowledge learned during your studies. In addition, the discussion of the results and regular contact with the supervisor is not negligible. The assessment of the reliability and validity of results is important and also source-critical considerations at the end, e.g. conflicting statistics and literature should be made.

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General information about the bachelor thesis

Most university study guidelines state that to write a bachelor thesis means to work on a 40 to 50 pages usually a current problem according to the current state of research in an independent way and to solve with rudimentary recognizable own thoughts. While the formal structure differs only slightly from that of a proseminar or major seminary paper, it is the following jump to a greater extent and a higher content level than before in the study, which causes some students headaches. It is not for nothing that undergraduate graduates study for three years before completing their bachelor thesis.

Even in the introduction of the bachelor thesis, one has to go into more detail than usual on the relevance of the question, justification of the methodology used and the state of research on the topic, so that the introduction accounts for about 15-20% of the entire work. In the main part, the guiding idea already expressed in the introduction must then be deepened argumentatively, for which a contradiction-free argument, which also forms an inner unity beyond the individual points of the structure, is a very important criterion.

Writing a Bachelor Thesis and Delivering on Time: How Our Academics Help

Against the background of these higher demands, it becomes understandable that some students get time issues when preparing the bachelor thesis, especially as there are two types of wrong scheduling. The first guy thinks there is still so much time until the deadline and therefore tends to postpone until it’s (almost) too late for a sound job. The second guy is so interested in the topic that he reads too much literature and wants to put too much into the work and then soon loses sight of the guide. Writing a bachelor thesis also means focusing on the essentials. Tips on how to identify the correct literature sources are always very valuable.

Postponing the work or getting bogged down in an interesting topic is not a bad thing, but something normal that has happened to many. That’s why it does not matter if you use the professional help and tips of our academics for your Bachelor Thesis. Do you need support in narrowing the key question, is the search for literature on the topic you are looking for too time-consuming, or are you not sure of the logical consistency of your reasoning? Do not worry, in all problem cases, a team of experienced and reliable academics is ready to make your work, which is a major part of the final grade in your studies, a success.

Bachelor thesis also means critically questioning

A bachelor thesis should work on a scientific problem according to the current state of research. In doing so, one’s own thoughts must be recognizable, which can best be proved by examining existing theories for topicality, critically questioning them and ultimately being able to refer to a concrete problem area. Such problem areas can be current social or political developments, which one wants to question by resorting to theories. The introduction must be much more detailed than in seminar papers, in that more profound than before, the relevance of the question and its classification in the scientific debate, as well as a well-founded and, above all, critically distanced reflection on the methods used are carried out. So you should, for example in a social science or humanities bachelor thesis and can justify whether the own approach is rather system-theoretical or actor-related.

Also, the examination of the positions of other authors on the respective topic must be made with a more comprehensive analytical performance than before. For the first time, conclusions and opinions of authors can no longer be taken unreflectively; instead, one has to justify his agreement or rejection of certain theses and, moreover, make one’s own statements and formulate questions. The goal-oriented argumentative substantiation of one’s own theses makes up the main criterion for the evaluation of the bachelor thesis. All arguments must be coordinated, i. no single point of classification may stand alone, but must always lead to the goal of answering the key question relevant to the entire work. In order to achieve this goal, the bachelor thesis must have a volume of about 40 to 50 pages. The other formal requirements, however, differ only slightly from those for seminar papers.

Our authors are on hand when time is running out

Those who are about to graduate from the Bachelor’s course are particularly annoyed by the complications that occur. It has already become the fate of many students to have started writing too late with the bachelor thesis in order to then no longer achieve the required profundity under time pressure. Or perhaps you have a hard time dealing with more complex theories and their application for the first time? If then adds a writer’s block, gets the bachelor thesis, the degree and with him the whole study success in jeopardy. Our tip: Make use of the extensive coaching of our authors and academics in scientific writing. Experienced, reliable, and well-versed academic writers will assist and provide valuable tips, whether it’s creating an outline, revising individual chapters, or proof-reading – with our help you’re not alone. If, due to major problems, you are unable to complete the bachelor thesis on time, we can help you by creating a template for the complete work that you can orient yourself to.

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